Investing via a crowdfunding campaign is a process that enables a group of property buyers with a common goal to invest in a specific property without committing to purchase the entire property individually.

You can participate in multiple crowdfunding campaigns at the same time. You can join each campaign to the value you wish to invest. Naturally, you cannot commit to invest more than the value funds that you have in your account.

step by stepHow does investing via a DomaCom crowdfunding campaign work?

Open a DomaCom Fund account

To participate in a crowdfunding campaign, you first need to have your DomaCom-accredited financial adviser complete an application form and open an account (with ANZ Bank) so that you can deposit the amount you wish to invest in the property.

For a copy of the DomaCom Fund Product Disclosure Statement and Application Form, please click here.

Join an existing public crowdfunding campaign OR create a new private crowdfunding campaign?

This is for you and your financial adviser to discuss, based on your property needs and whether your financial adviser is able to create a private crowdfunding campaign within their client base.

You can join a number of public crowdfunding campaigns, recommended to us by qualified property advisers, in case your financial adviser is not able to create a private crowdfunding campaign to meet your property needs and wants.

Make a bid on your chosen property!

A sub-fund is created for each property held within the DomaCom Fund.

So make your bid and name the price!  This is how you initiate your participation in a campaign on the property of interest to you.

For more information on the how the bidding process works, contact us via email:

Property due diligence commences (when the crowdfunding campaign is 30%-50% filled)

As more and more bids are placed, DomaCom will engage the services of approved parties to undertake a number of reviews and inspections of the property.

Summaries of these reports will become available to all the investors of the property.

Please note that campaign costs incurred by DomaCom with respect to that campaign will be apportioned to investors accordingly.

For more information on the due diligence tasks undertaken, contact us via email:

Crowdfunding campaign is closed and property is acquired

For a crowdfunding campaign to close it must attract enough bids at a particular price to match the sale price of the property.

The moment this point is reached, the campaign will automatically close.  No new bids will be accepted at this stage.

A Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS), which provides detailed information about the proposed sub-fund, will be issued and distributed to all Investors with an active bid. On receipt of positive confirmation from all Investors, DomaCom will engage the services of a buyer’s agent to commence the purchase of the property.


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