Building wealth, enabling freedom

DomaCom Limited (ASX:DCL) is the operator of an innovative managed investments platform for a wide range of assets across wholesale and retail markets.

As a leader in the Australian financial services sector, DomaCom has a reputation for innovative structures with its unique multi-asset-class Fractional Investing Platform, the DomaCom Fund offers investors an exciting way to build a diversified portfolio of high value asset classes of their choosing and with a level of diversification that suits their personal needs.

Our Values


We are responsible to our shareholders, clients, distribution partners, colleagues and the community for our actions.


We act with integrity, ability and consistency in everything we do.


We work together with all of our stakeholders by sharing, challenging and acknowledging ideas, successes and contributions.


We are agile, proactive and intensive in developing our value propositions.

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Our Strategic Objectives

Ensure capital sustainability and deployment to meet corporate objectives and stakeholder return and liquidity expectations

Drive connectivity and collaboration with distribution and commercial partners

Deliver broader, innovative and differentiated digital value propositions to diversify revenue base, increase market share and improve client experience

As an employer of choice, attract, develop and retain top talent who are innovative and collaborative