DomaCom’s Senior Equity Release launched in May 2019 following a rigorous 6 ½ year regulatory approval process and the recent development of an accreditation program for licensed financial advisers.

It is the first investment-based equity release to be launched in Australia that is regulated as a financial product, meaning Financial Planners can now use equity release as part of their advice.

We believe our fractional equity release product will be a viable alternative to the limited options currently available which are mostly debt based such as the reverse mortgage model.  Debt models are generally reliant on the availability of short-term global cash to maintain funding, which is mismatched with the longer-term needs of Seniors requiring equity release to fund retirement and aged care needs over the longer term.

The DomaCom fractional model will also facilitate the incremental transfer of property wealth from one generation to another. Ultimately, Seniors will have the benefit of maintaining a reasonable standard of living and not being financially forced to sell and relocate. They will have an ongoing and permanent right of residency in their home and retain the title.

Funding sources for Senior Australians to meet Aged Care Needs


Significant transaction and relocation costs

Agent fees, conveyancing, stamp duty

Lifestyle impact of relocating

Family, friend, familiar surroundings

Reverse Mortgage

Not well funded

Availability subject to the liquidity of  lending markets

Minimal lifestyle impact

Seniors do not need to relocate

Uncertainty about residual equity

What will be left for the estate

Home Reversion Scheme

Limited institutional funding

Only one bank provides this 

Restricted postcodes in limited capital cities

Mainly Sydney and Melbourne

Uncertainty of residual equity

What will be left of the estate

Government Pension Loan Scheme

No lump sum available


Limited payments

Equal or less than pension payments


DomaCom Senior Equity Release

Well funded

SMSFs via the DomaCom Fund

Attractive income yield PLUS capital growth 

Minimal lifestyle impact

Seniors do not need to relocate

Progressive sale of equity

Provide lump sum or regular payments and fees

Fixed costs

DomaCom’s Equity Release – an elegant solution where the time horizons of both the Property Investors and the Seniors are more closely aligned.

*Sources: APRA Statistics.  Deloitte, Dynamics of the Australian Superannuation System: The next 20 years 2013-2033

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