Company Overview

DomaCom Australia Limited is the operator of an investment platform. The platform is offered through an ASIC registered Managed Investment Scheme, the DomaCom Fund, ARSN 167 020626.

Using the latest technology and equity (share) market concepts such as Separately Managed Accounts and Multi-level Managed Investment Schemes, the DomaCom platform will enable investors to get into the property market in a similar manner to investing in public companies.

The DomaCom Fund is a managed investment fund. It enables investors to select which properties they would like exposure to. Via a crowdfunding campaign, investors can commit towards the eventual purchase of the property. They can do this together with other like-minded investors. When a campaign is complete, DomaCom purchases the property. DomaCom then places it in a sub-fund and issues the investors with units in proportion to the amount they invested.

The DomaCom Fund simulates an investment in property. The Fund carries out the due diligence process of conveyancing, valuation and property inspection. A regulated structure enables multiple people to ‘own’ a share of the property.

A liquidity facility enables investors who wish to liquidate their holding to sell their units to other investors.

To invest in a SubFund, an investor must deposit the amount of their investment in an interest-bearing ‘Cash Pool’. Once chosen which property they wish to invest in, their funds are quarantined. This is until the crowdfunding campaign process is complete and the property acquired.

DomaCom has appointed Melbourne Securities Corporation Ltd (MSC) as Trustee of the DomaCom Fund. The Perpetual Corporate Trust Ltd is the Custodian who holds the title for each property.

Investors can select any Australian properties to invest in. These include residential, commercial, rural, retail, industrial and resort/leisure property lists. View current property syndicates here.

For more information, visit the DomaCom Fund or our Key People page.