Innovative solutions for housing, social & local infrastructure

There is an opportunity through the DomaCom Fund for sponsors and retail investors to come together to fund affordable housing in designated areas Australia wide that can create a future pathway to ownership for low-income earners.

Fractional investing – a modern form of syndication – can enable:

  • Flexible funding models for affordable housing.
  • Local and social infrastructure projects.
  • Socially responsible investing.

Potential Sponsors: 

  • Government
  • Housing bodies
  • Not for Profits charities
  • Church groups

Potential Investors: 

  • Individuals
  • Family offices
  • SMSF trustees
  • Superannuation fund

Equity  Release  for Senior Australians

  • Seniors staying in their home
  • Guaranteed lifetime occupancy
  • Selling a percentage to investors, family and friends
  • Freeing home equity for retirement and aged care needs
  • No debt solution
  • Australia wide access

Gen Y & Millennials

  • Next-generation housing model via a unitised ownership structure with co-investors
  • Engaging family & friends as co-investors
  • Australia wide access
  • Ability to increase equity by acquiring units over time from co-investors

The model provides for discounted income for sponsors in favour of tenants, tenants will have the first option to purchase capital growth units from sponsors and investors on a secondary market basis, and investors will receive full rental income and capital growth.