Often regarded as a defensive asset, the rural property investment offers a rental return more often than not with a long term tenant. In some cases, the tenant may have a vested interest, also being an investor in the land they work.

rural-opportunitiesLate last year, DomaCom started a crowdfunding campaign to purchase the land in a separate transaction to the business of Kidman Station. This campaign continues to run as a consortium of investors begin to finalize an offer for the operating business. It is hoped an announcement can be made soon.

In addition to the Kidman Station, DomaCom has launched another public bookbuild for the Pajingo Cattle Station via Charters Towers in far North Queensland. Pajingo Station, a 32,000 hectare property has been in the Black family since 1898. More information on this property will follow.

Rural Property Investment

As you are no doubt aware, there are many quality rural properties on the market or coming to market and a number of overseas interests also looking to purchase these. DomaCom believes we should try to retain as many of these properties as we can in Australian hands, but, that they must first and foremost pass as the investment test – i.e. reasonable return on investment via rent and potential capital value.

It’s important to note we are only looking to purchase the land component, not the operating business of a farm or station.

If you are interested in rural properties, you will be able to join our public bookbuilds when they are listed by completing the application and lodging your investment funds through this General Advice page.SouthernMalleeFarm_v1_Small

Please ensure that you first read the DomaCom Fund’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS) or call your financial adviser.

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