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Invest in a share of this fabulous 4 bedroom property for as little as $10,000

Superb investment grade property in great location right on transport, close to beaches, shopping, schools, theme parks and only 45 minutes from Brisbane CBD and you can buy into it with as little as $10,000 minimum initial investment and then in parcels of $2,500 for additional share units i.e. you could invest in total $12,500, or $15,000, or $17,500 and so on.

Just look at the features of this great property:

  • Purchase price $565,000 (which includes all acquisitions costs) broken down into $2,500 parcels of units (minimum investment $10,000). You can buy as many share units as you like.
  • Rental Appraisal is $470 to $490 per week from MPM Property and Sales Management
  • Precinct is called ‘Camelot of Amity’ – a master planned residential community in the heart of the booming Northern Gold Coast growth corridor hotspot Coomera.
  • Surrounded by green parklands, close to schools, the highly anticipated Coomera Town Centre and the Coomera Marine Precinct, Camelot of Amity is in a highly sought after rental area and has excellent prospects for capital growth.
  • Close to:
    • Planned 60ha Coomera Town Centre
    • Multi-million dollar transport hub housing the Coomera Train Station
    • Coomera Marine Precinct
    • The natural wonders of South Stradbroke Island, Coomera River and Broadwater on the Gold Coast
    • Brisbane CBD 45 minutes
    • Local TAFE, shops, services and the M1 Freeway

This property is being offered as equity share units for those investors wishing to generate capital gains and as debt share units for those investors looking for mortgage style returns. With a target of 35% in borrowings means equity investors will receive a leveraged return and mortgage investors get a high interest rate (expect around 5.0% pa yield) backed by a first mortgage over a high-grade, well located property.

Mortgage investors can also buy mortgage units in parcels of $2,500 each with a minimum investment of $10,000.

Because the mortgage investors are secured over the property itself the equity investors don’t have to take on any debt in their own names and are therefore not assessed for credit risk. This means you get a leveraged investment no matter what your credit rating is.

With only around 35% in borrowings and a 4.5% pa rental yield the property is designed to be cash flow positive so no further calls should be required by investors beyond the funds they’ve invested at the start.

The property will be revalued each year with any change in value being passed back into the equity share unit values (mortgage unit holders will not share in any change in capital value). In 5 years the property will be sold unless at least 75% of equity share holders decide to continue for a further 5 years. However, any investor unit holdings (in whole or in part either equity or mortgage) can be sold at any time through DomaCom’s liquidity mechanism.

Next step

If you would like to invest in this 4-bedroom, 2-bathroom, house in Coomera  through the DomaCom Fund, you can join this crowdfunding campaign by completing the application and lodging your investment funds through this General Advice page.

Please ensure that you first read the DomaCom Fund’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS). For a copy of the current PDS, please click here or call your financial adviser.

When you have lodged your bid and the campaign is filled, you will receive a Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) outlining the specific offer to invest in the Coomera sub- fund, which will contain all the information required for you to make a decision. You are not bound to proceed with your bid amount for a campaign in the Coomera sub-fund of the DomaCom Fund until you accept the offer contained in the SPDS (which will include the specific details for the properties).

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