With property prices generally rising in most markets we believe the property asset class currently offers the greatest investment opportunities.

The global phenomenon known as crowdfunding is taking hold in the developing world. According to the World Bank report in 2013, there were 672 crowdfunding investment platforms in the world and Australia was in 8th position out of 18 countries listed.

The first offshore platform to grab our attention is the Prodigy Network in New York, USA. Prodigy invests in commercial properties in a very defined marketplace.

DomaCom aims to provide insights into other offshore investment opportunities as they come to our attention to give investor more options and diversification in their investment portfolios.

(The below chart is taken from Crowdfunding’s Potential for the Developing World 2013. infoDev, Finance and Private Sector Development Department.  Washington, DC: World Bank.)


Country# of CFI PlatformsCountry# of CFI Platforms
United States344Brazil17
United Kingdom87South Africa4
Netherlands34Russian Federation4
Hong Kong SAR, China1
United Arab Emirates1