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The benefits of Solar Power

The environmental benefits of renewable energy and solar power are well known.

Solar power:

  • Is infinitely renewable
  • Generates clean energy
  • Has very low maintenance costs
  • Can save money on power


  • It is not transportable if you move from the house where it is installed
  • If it is an investment property it will be the tenant rather than the owner who benefits from the power savings
  • If you live in an apartment or are a renter you generally can’t get solar panels installed
  • Where you live may not be the most efficient place to ‘harvest’ solar energy

The solution:

Invest in Genius Power Solar units.

Why Genius Power?

  • $10,000 will give you 5 KW of power, equivalent to a medium size home solar installation
  • You are not limited to a mere 5kw. As the returns are considerably higher than money in the bank ( 8% estimated) it is a wonderful stand-alone investment alternative
  • Regardless of where you live, the type of accommodation, or whether you own or rent this solar investment will be yours wherever you go
  • Know that you are contributing in a positive way to a cleaner and greener environment.

What is Genius Power?

Genius Power is unitised ownership of renewable energy generation on a large scale solar farm.

At Genius Power you harvest the sunshine with your Genius (solar panels) so all the electricity produced is yours – just as if you had installed panels on your home – but with the added advantage that the Genius power energy goes with you -wherever you go and wherever you live.

Your Energy Future is as simple as investing today.

By using the unique benefits of Fractional Investment Ownership individuals and super funds can now go into the electricity generation business.

Who should invest in Genius Power?

If you or your business is a consumer of electricity, then you can own a Genius and receive the benefits of producing your own clean energy. And let’s face it, who does not consume electricity these days? Electricity is the oxygen of the modern economy. Everything our economy does relies on electricity, including the technology you are using to read this website! So be part of the transition to a clean future, by powering yourself to a clean future.

You can invest through your super fund, or invest directly and enjoy the triple benefits of:

  • Financial return
  • Social return
  • Environmental return

Investors could be:

  • Individuals who like the idea of owning solar energy but due to renting, apartment living or owning investment properties installation of their own solar panels is either not possible or not beneficial
  • Investors looking for a competitive return on their money whilst also recognising the long-term benefits to society of clean, virtually limitless renewable energy
  • Super funds looking for a great return on investment and a diversification away from other traditional, often volatile sectors such as the equity market
  • Homeowners living in areas with sub-optimal solar energy generation potential – eg coastal areas with high average cloud cover.

What is the Return to Investors?

  • Invest $10,000 for 5kW of solar panel generation (minimum 22kWh / day)
  • 8% per annum return for the first two years, paid monthly via a solar bond
  • Solar bond builds your share of the farm
  • Solar bond converts into solar panels on completion
  • You can use the electricity your solar panels generate
  • Up to 100% reduction on electricity bills, depending on usage
  • Earn $1000+ per annum (10%+ yield) – depending on electricity costs
  • Your own the solar panel generation for a lifetime.


Next Step

If you would like to invest in the Genius Power – Solar Farm project, you can join this crowdfunding campaign by completing the application and lodging your investment funds through this General Advice page.  Please ensure that you first read the DomaCom Fund’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).  For a copy of the current PDS, please click here or call your financial adviser.

When you have lodged your bid and the campaign is filled, you will also receive a Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) outlining the specific offer to invest in the Genius Power – Solar Farm project which will contain all the information required for you to make a decision. You are not bound to proceed with your bid amount for this Genius Power – Solar Farm project crowdfunding campaign until you accept the offer contained in the SPDS (which will include the specific details for the properties).

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