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DomaCom, via the DomaCom Fund, and Utilitas, a bioHub developer, is launching Australia’s first crowdfunding campaign to secure a site in Casino, northern NSW and develop a bioHub to service the energy needs of its nearby industries and communities.

Every year Australia produces enough sewage, agricultural and processing residuals to power more than one million homes.  Growing demand for food, increasing energy costs and energy supply risks are the main drivers of the emerging bioHub industry.  bioHubs can safely and reliably capture and utilise energy and nutrient from organic waste that would typically be disposed of to the environment at a cost.

Casino is a regional town in the Northern Rivers area of NSW that is known as the regional centre of a very large cattle industry.  In fact, Casino positions itself as one of the “Beef Capitals” of Australia.  Consequently, the sheer size of biomass from agricultural and food processing industries in this region make it an ideal place to develop a bioHub.

This project is aiming to raise a total of AU$4.3million to acquire the site and develop the bioHub. The bioHub will be leased to the operating business run by Utilitas, and an ongoing income stream, via leasing fee, will be paid to the investors in the DomaCom Casino bioHub sub-fund.  Investors in this sub-fund are holding an interest in the land and the plant, and are not investing in the operating business.

Commercial agreements in place for this project

DomaCom will use Utilitas’ expertise to develop the bioHub in Casino, NSW following the successful acquisition of the site.  Backed by multi-year energy purchase contracts with local industry, Utilitas will also become the tenant of the bioHub once completed.

Next Step

If you would like to invest in the Casino bioHub, you can join this crowdfunding campaign by completing the application and lodging your investment funds through this General Advice page.  Please ensure that you first read the DomaCom Fund’s Product Disclosure Statement (PDS).  For a copy of the current PDS, please click here or call your financial adviser.

When you have lodged your bid and the campaign is filled, you will also receive a Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement (SPDS) outlining the specific offer to invest in the Casino bioHub which will contain all the information required for you to make a decision. You are not bound to proceed with your bid amount for this Casino bioHub crowdfunding campaign until you accept the offer contained in the SPDS (which will include the specific details for the properties).

If you are new to DomaCom, click on the Apply button to begin your application.  If you are an existing DomaCom Fund investor, you can log in to access your account and all the other public crowdfunding campaigns by clicking the Investor Login button.

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