Property Advice

Professional property investment advice is a specialist role integral to having a robust property selection process.

We have listed a number of property advisers, advocates and buyers agents who are members of recognised industry associations because we believe they satisfy 4 major criteria;

  • They do not have a stock list of properties to sell, as they represent buyers, not property owners
  • They charge a fee for service and do not accept commission payments from property owners
  • They hold Professional Indemnity Insurance
  • They are APA (Accredited Property Adviser) or QPIA (Qualified Property Investment Adviser) qualified

They are members of PIAA (Property Investment Association of Australia) or PIPA (Property Investment Professionals of Australia) and subscribe to their respective codes of professional conduct. They represent buyers, not sellers and are there to assess investors circumstances with a view to sourcing an appropriate investment property.

These property advisers will liaise with the financial adviser to take a brief on behalf of advisers client/s to source appropriate investment properties for inclusion in the DomaCom Fractional Property Investment Fund.

Property Management

Each property listed on the DomaCom platform must have a property management agreement in place, i.e. either with a specialist property manager or a licensed real estate agency.

This requirement is necessary for arranging valuations and annual inspections to ensure properties are correctly maintained.

If the property is rented at the time of purchase, then a property management agent may already be in place.

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