About PIAA  Property Investors Association of Australia

The Property Investors Association of Australia was founded in 2002 as a free information service for property investors.  It’s key values are to help investors make better investment decisions and for professionalism and transparency. 

PIAA focusses on education for investors through free information on our web portal; due diligence audits for off the plan stock paid for by the developer and free to investors; and lastly professional education for advice professionals. 

More recently we have become the Property Investment Association of Australia and represent property professionals who give transparent and factual advice to their clients.  It provides professional education, risk mitigation support and access to PI Insurance for our members.

Our members are motivated by the FOFA standards of client’s best interest advice, non conflicted remuneration or full disclosure, and factual information to support informed decision making.  If you would like to know more please visit us: www.piaa.asn.au.

Twitter: @investorsupport for professionals            Facebook: @investorsupport for clients

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