The Power of Syndicated Investing

In this article, Warren Gibson explains the power of crowdfunding and how the rise of all things ‘digital’ has helped to transform the way crowdfunding campaigns are launched.

Whether you refer to it as crowdfunding, fractional investing (which is the preferred name) or syndication, this article delves into the history of ‘group investing’ and the various projects and activities that this model has been utilised for, and how it has matured.

DomaCom is one platform that has provided Australian investors, both established and new to the market, with the means to fractionally invest in a range of residential, commercial and rural property opportunities.

For many younger, would-be property buyers, the DomaCom fund has provided a stepping stone to home ownership, allowing them to join the property ladder with a modest investment (as little as $1000).

The primary benefits of fractional investing or crowdfunding in the property market include:

  • Scaled entry to the property market, which in particular has provided younger audiences with a means to invest in property who may otherwise had limited opportunities to do so.
  • Investment diversification: allowing investors to spread funding across multiple assets.
  • Giving financial advisors the opportunity to enhance their fees and client offerings with direct property investment via a managed fund.


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