DomaCom Announces Launch of a Branded Mortgage Sub-Fund with an Initial $4.1 Million in the First Mortgage Investment Sector

DomaCom has announced an allocation to two mortgage investments by our first branded Mortgage Fund with DFS Portfolio Solutions, totalling approximately $4.1 million.

This sub-fund will be accessible to advisers and portfolio managers through the DomaCom platform.

DomaCom CEO, Arthur Naoumidis said, “Until now this market was mostly accessed by sophisticated investors but as a model manager, DFSPS has unlocked the retail potential of the non-bank sector by making this sub-fund available to clients and advisors who utilise its portfolio services.”

DFSPS will act as a sub-manager of the fund with various responsibilities for decisions on portfolio composition and management, including:

  • seeking, vetting and recommending first mortgage opportunities,
  • liaising with mortgage originators
  • arranging independent credit assessments
  • overseeing and managing timelines and liquidity management
  • co-ordinating funding and managing cashflows.

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