DomaCom sees conditions optimal as it starts to gain momentum moving into 2022

DomaCom Australia Ltd (ASX:DCL) is starting to gain some momentum as it continues to progress on many fronts moving into 2022.

The company is continuing to grow and progress is happening at a faster rate as Domacom looks to push through the $100 million barrier.

99 deals have been done, with $97 million invested to date.

This success hasn’t happened without challenges. DomaCom’s technology and flexibility in meeting those challenges has been a factor in it’s growing success.

The management, staff and the board, supported by new and long-term shareholders, with their unwavering belief in the future of fractional investing, have stuck to the task.

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  • Board Renewal
  • Optimal Conditions
  • Operating Envionment Ahead
  • AustiAgri Acquisition
  • Expansion Into Companies
  • ASX Review

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