Fractional investment platform DomaCom reaches $100 million Funds Under Management

Continued growth in the DomaCom Fund over recent months has pushed DomaCom’s FUM up through the $100 million mark. The percentage increase over the last 12 months was significant at 33%.

The majority of the FUM increase can be attributed to property acquisitions for both small investors and SMSFs.

This strong growth over recent years can be linked to DomaCom’s willingness to invest in a broader range of property assets, such as commercial property, rural farmland, renewable energy, property developments, affordable housing, mortgage lending and land banking. This has provided small investors and SMSFs with access to ‘big ticket’ assets, previously the domain of sophisticated investors.

Another integral contributor to this growth is DomaCom’s continued innovation in their product offering, such as the Seniors Home Equity Release product, and DomaCom’s Shariah compliant housing finance solution for Australia’s Islamic community (to be released early 2022).

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