DomaCom continues product development throughout September quarter driving future growth

Domacom has continued to delevop it’s key products throughout the September quarter with a focus on the AustAgri Transaction.

The company saw continued growth in Funds Under Management (FUM) which rose 4.6% (A$74.7 million from A$71.4 million).

CEO Arthur Naoumidis said: “The September quarter has positioned the company with several very prospective transactions that could transform the outlook of the company going forward. “

“If successful, the AustAgri transaction will add $300 FUM and significant cash flow which would place the company in a stable cash position and in sight of being cash flow positive.”

DomaCom made progress across four products currently in development: Rental Property Accelerator, Essential Worker, Equity Mortgage, and Senior Equity Release. The company’s cash position at the end of September was $2.2 million.

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