DomaCom (ASX:DCL) Presentation, FNN Online Investor Event

Arthur Naoumidis discusses DomaCom’s products, namely fractional property investing, Senior Equity Release, Rental Accelerator and Islamic Leverage, in this presentation in the FNN Online Investor event.

Fractional Investing

A form of investing that allows individuals to invest in fractional parts of assets such as property. Similar to a syndication, investors  include SMSF trustees, retail investors, mums and dads and more.

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Senior Equity Release

This product is geared towards retirees who are asset rich but cash poor, and allows them to release equity from their home. Essentially they sell a fraction of their house to investors, who in turn use the DomaCom platform to syndicate that equity.

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Syndicate Loans

Financial advisors have used our platform to syndicate loans; while they have clients who are after leverage growth in capital, they also have clients (in particular retirees) who are unable to live off the term deposit rates, which are historically low and are looking for a low risk method of investing. In this instance, they’re syndicating the loan.

Rental Property Accelerator

This product is designed for the current environment of high vacancy risk and pricing risk in an area of heightened unemployment. The Rental Property Accelerator aims to develop a distribution margin and share that between tenants and investors, with an affordable housing version as well.

More about Rental Property Accelerator.

Islamic Leverage

DomaCom is very close to consummating a commercial deal with one of Australia’s leading Islamic groups, aiming to facilitate people of Islamic faith being able to purchase properties using leverage without debt. There is currently no product that’s naturally Islamic-compliant.

DomaCom’s Distribution Markets

Financial Advisors (B2B): DomaCom currently have about $75 million worth of assets under managements with over 40 financial planning dealer groups with DomaCom in the approved product list.

Affinity Groups: These are groups that already have distribution or a need for syndication such as national builders, property developers and renewable energy companies.

B2C: DomaCom doesn’t deal directly with consumers, but powers those who do to extend their product line with DomaCom’s offering. HALO Investing is one of our strategic investors and our next B2C market is the Islamic group (as mentioned above).

SMSFs: Half of our investors are self managed super funds that are fractionally investing in both residential and commercial property. We also have land banking and rural properties.

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