Who is DomaCom? DomaCom is an investment platform where you can access a variety of property investments of your choice. We are an ASX-listed company that operates a retail managed fund registered with the Australian Securities and Investment Commission, ASIC. The fund is responsible for buying and managing a specific asset chosen by investors or their advisers who participate in a syndicate to buy it. The syndicate is called a subfund.

DomaCom vet all properties via a due diligence process to ensure the contract of sale is reasonable, the price is fair value, and the ground and building are sound. As fund manager, DomaCom pay the deposit and settle the property, appointing a property manager to secure tenants and manage the lease for the term of the subfund which is usually five years.

DomaCom pay ongoing costs from the income and distribute the balance monthly to investors. The property is revalued annually, and investors receive regular tax reports. The DomaCom Fund is largely driven by investors or by a financial adviser who brings investors together to purchase a property. The choice of property is up to advisers and their clients, often assisted by a professional buyer’s agent.

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