What can I invest in using a fractional investment platform?

Whilst the DomaCom platform offers a wide range of income and capital growth investments, there are also investment strategies that you can follow. The strategy is where DomaCom seek to match one or more properties that meet your investment objectives such as the higher income from a mortgage loan subfund or renewable energy project, or the higher capital growth from a socially responsible investment in rural farmland or affordable and disability housing.

An example of a strategy is DomaCom’s rental property accelerator, a shared equity strategy in new residential property where DomaCom negotiates a significant rebate with a developer which is then shared between investors and tenants. In a rural farmland strategy, DomaCom sources either a full purchase or a sale and leaseback with a vendor who shifts from being an owner to a tenant investor. Strategies offer open-ended investment in properties with common traits.

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