Is fractional investing for me? Often considered a defensive asset, property may appeal to you to diversify your portfolio, generate higher income or higher capital growth. Fractional investing suits anyone who cannot or prefers not to buy a whole asset on their own. Individuals, self-managed superfunds, friends and family members can come together to invest in a property. There are no entry or exit fees, and each investor shares in the cost of acquisition in proportion to the amount they contribute. Fractional investing also makes it easy to syndicate together with family and friends to buy a property, and DomaCom can arrange finance up to 50% to 60% to make the investment tax effective.

Using a professional property manager, DomaCom arrange for a tenant. Investors can also apply to be the tenant. Fractional investing gives you access to investments usually reserved for sophisticated investors, with options compatible to your circumstances, such as home equity release and downsizer for the over-60’s, co-investment with children to help them get on the property ladder, short or long term investment, income or capital growth to suit your stage in life, and environmental and social investment options. To learn more, go to, or speak to your financial advisor.