How does fractional investing work in DomaCom? The DomaCom Fund treats each property as a separate investment acquired through a registered management investment scheme, MIS, which issues a product disclosure statement setting out how the fund is operated. The property you choose is segregated in a subfund, so you only have exposure to the returns made by that property. DomaCom issue you with units in the subfund in proportion to your investment. That is $1 dollar invested equals 1 unit issued.

Subfunds have a predetermined term to expiry, guaranteeing you an exit point. The term is usually five years but may be longer for commercial and agricultural properties. The term can also be shortened or extended by a vote of unit holders. DomaCom also operate a secondary market that allows investors to trade their units with other investors and operates along similar lines to share trading platforms with buy, sell, and market depth screens. To view the product disclosure statement, go to