How do I participate in a fractional investment? There are three ways to participate in a fractional property investment. The first is to open an account with DomaCom. Join an existing public campaign to invest and pledge the amount you wish to commit, anything from a minimum of $1,000. Public campaigns are listed on the DomaCom website.

The second way to participate is via a private campaign created by your financial adviser, who will source a suitable property that meets your financial objectives and those of your co-investors.

The third way is to open an account with DomaCom and create your own campaign, inviting family and friends to participate. You can select any property for sale in Australia from the listing and even off-market sales. In all cases, DomaCom undertake a due diligence process to ensure the property you select or that is selected for you is sound and of fair value. Start your property journey today. Visit or speak to your financial adviser.