Man: It is unique, what we’re doing, and no one has actually been able to achieve that before. We’re making it easy for investors to buy parts of property.

Arthur: Just over two and a half years ago, I left my previous company where we established an investment administration business. So I looked back at that business and saw was there anything that the investment community needed? The problem that really stood out to me was that the vast majority of self-managed super funds had a zero adding to direct property. A given property transaction is generally too large for the average super fund, so that was the problem we set out to solve, which was to fractionalize property so the average self-managed super fund can invest in a diversified manner.

Ross: People want to be in control. Our investors can actually determine which properties they wish to invest in, instead of a fund manager making that decision on their behalf.

Arthur: This way, they can buy bits of the properties they want, not the properties they could afford. Doesn’t have to be listed on our platform, can be any property that’s available for sale, whether it’s residential, commercial, or industrial. So, as an investor, I can go in and say, “I like that property” and not create a what we call a “book build”. And using that crowdfunding structure, I can find other like-minded investors, whether I know them or not, and try to purchase the property.

Ross: So 100 investors could own one property. You don’t even need to leave your lounge room. What we’re doing is bringing property into the 21st century.

Arthur: Technologically, it’s a bit like Etrade marries, and we’re trying to simulate the investment experience of buying properties in almost every way. And it appears just like a property, so you can look it, smell it, except you only buy a bit of it.

Ross: Like in any investment, there is risks. What we’re about is actually making sure people invest wisely so that their investors are able to spread their risk across a range of properties.

Arthur: If people can buy a property at the moment, they buy one property. Would you ever put all your equities into one stock? No, so we enable diversification. It’s the innovation that we create, both in the technology of the legal and the market side. We’re not waiting for things to develop in America first, we’re building it first. And to do this requires a team of, you know, innovative, creative people, and I’m proud to say that’s what we have in DomaCom.