Hi, I’m Arthur Naoumidis, CEO of DomaCom Limited.

As many of you know DomaCom has delivered the world’s first fractional property investment platform, a platform that enables investors all around Australia to invest in property everywhere, and today I’d like to talk to you about what we believed to be the world’s largest property crowdfunding campaign.

The campaign to acquire the Kidman Station, one of the largest private landholdings in the world.

For the last five-six months, we’ve been working towards getting ourselves in the position to acquire the property and we are now in the position to do so. We have a partner organized to buy the operating business and our strategy is to organize investors to submit bids to help us acquire the land.

The target price for this transaction is $210 million. We’ve now been formally engaged in the acquisition process and are comfortably in being able to say that the rent that we’re seeking is 3.9 % gross after our fee 3.02 %. Now, when added to the historic capital growth of 5.88% as shown by the recent Royal Bank report, it returns a total of around about 9% which is very consistent with residential and commercial property returns.

So, first and foremost the Kidman transaction is an investment opportunity but at the same time, it’s an opportunity to keep an iconic asset in Australian hands but also to enable the investment markets to start engaging with the Australian agricultural market.

As many of your advisers use this allocation in your business model. One of the asset classes that we believe is very underrepresented in a lot of investment portfolios is Australian agriculture. And so where you have clients that you believe this may suit. Please visit our website, can have a look at the PDS and make applications to invest in the property.

Got a Question about Kidman Station investment? Please read our Kidman Station FAQs.