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Rental Property Accelerator offers investors an attractive discount on new property and a pathway to ownership for renters by leveraging off DomaCom’s unique fractional investment technology, a modern form of syndication that shares ownership in high value assets like property. Rental Property Accelerator properties are occupied by tenants who co-own with investors and pay a commercial rent.

This symbiotic relationship offers the following benefits;

  • DomaCom acquire a line of properties from developers who save on marketing and sales commission as a result
  • Developers pass on this distribution margin to investors via a rebate on settlement which results on a discount of up to 15% to the investors
  • Tenants are also gifted 1% equity pa for up to 5 years provided they pay their rent
  • Investors receive a share of rent and future capital growth in proportion to their investment
  • Vacancy risk should be reduced due to the 5% tenant gifting feature acting as a leasing incentive
  • Tenancies are more secure because the tenants are also investors and incentivised by the developers discount
  • Tenants have the opportunity to acquire units from the investors over time so there is greater liquidity
  • Debt of up to 60% can be included provided interest and operating expenses are covered by rent

Rental Property Accelerator offer investors the ability to invest in property in a controlled manner and renters to acquire equity over time.

All properties are subject to DomaCom’s strict due diligence process.

The minimum investment is $2,500.

There are two Rental Property Accelerator campaigns for Melbourne & Sydney as set out below:


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