Welcome to DomaCom Singapore

Domacom Singapore was established in November 2014 to support Singapore licensed advisory firms.

The Australian DomaCom Fund is a scalable, Managed Investment Scheme (MIS) unit trust.

It provides a better way for Singapore accredited investment clients to invest in one or more Australian properties of their choice.

As the world’s first regulated fractional property managed fund, each segregated sub-fund holds one property.

The DomaCom platform brings property ownership to thousands more people, by combining:

  • Online property listing.
  • Online secondary trading of mutual units in each sub-fund.
  • Public and private sub-funds.
  • Liquidity via the online secondary market or closure of the sub-fund and sale of the property.

The DomaCom Fund heralds a new era for fractional property investing.

Buy 1% to 100% of the units in a sub-fund and own that percentage of the underlying property value and rental income.

How can a Singaporean Licensed Advisory Firm use the DomaCom Fund?

The Australian DomaCom Fund is made available to Singapore Capital Market Service (CMS) License holders:

  • Financial Advisory firms
  • Wealth Management firms
  • Private Banks

A firm simply signs a standard distribution agreement.

DomaCom Singapore is currently seeking strategic partners.

For more information, please contact:

Paul Zaman, Managing Director
DomaCom Singapore Private Limited

PH: +65 3158 0487
Email: paul.zaman@domacom.com.au
Suite 5, Level 37, Singapore Land Tower, 50 Raffles Place, Singapore

How can an Accredited Investor get more information about DomaCom?

A Singaporean Accredited Investor can contact their licensed Financial Advisor, Wealth Manager or Private Wealth Banker.

Summary of key features & benefits

Access to all properties Investors can invest in ALL Australian property types.

  • Residential, commercial and/or industrial.
  • Land-banking, off-the-plan, new and mature.
  • City, urban and countryside.
Fully managed
  • Fully professionally managed, from buying, owning and selling
  • Professional property managers collect the rent and manage the property
  • Fractional property investing enables clients to purchase 1% to 100% of units in a property sub-fund.
  • Diversification can be achieved by investing in a variety of property types and locations.
  • The Fund is registered with the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) and is backed by the following professional organisations:
    • Melbourne Securities Corporation Ltd (MSC) is a professional trustee firm, licensed by ASIC under Australian Financial Services Licence No.428289.  MSC has been appointed as Trustee of the DomaCom Fund to represent and act in the interest of investors, provide regulatory compliance oversight as legislated by the Corporations Act 2001 and in reference to ASIC guidelines.
    • Perpetual Corporate Trust Ltd (Perpetual) has been appointed as the Fund’s Custodian.  The Custodian of the Fund is bestowed the role of holding the title for each property.


  • Investors can sell some or all of their units in a sub-fund through DomaCom’s secondary market facility.
  • The other liquidity options is the Fund can be terminated with a 75% unit holder vote and/or after 5 years with a 50% unit holder vote.
Competitive pricing
  • The Fund’s annual management fee is 0.88% of funds invested in a sub-fund.
Competitive cash rate
  • A margin over the ANZ Bank daily cash rate for all cash invested in the Cash pool, currently around 1.83% net yield
  • Investors also receive the net rental yield plus capital value.
Fully regulated
  • The Fund is regulated and approved by Australia Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC).
  • A Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) registered fund 14OGA2N1002 for Institutional Investors and Accredited Investor clients, via Singapore licensed advisors only.
Simplified taxation
  • No local Australian taxation filing for capital gains tax and income tax – the fund claims all tax allowances and deducts 15% withholding tax on distributions.
Special Investment Visa 888
  • DomaCom currently is a qualifying mutual fund and can issue the Form 1413 to your Australian immigration lawyer for SIV888 applications.