Coronavirus Update March 2020

We would like to provide an update to you on the current situation and the impact on our business with Coronavirus.

The safety and the well-being of our staff are our key priority and we have instigated our business continuity plan with all staff having the ability to work from home. We have the latest in Microsoft technology which allows us to work as effectively from home as in the workplace.

All our meetings with our Distribution partners, investors and key suppliers are being conducted via telephone and other online platforms.

We are in regular contact with our Property Managers who are responsible for managing the properties that are held in the DomaCom Fund and although there has been disruption to the Real Estate industry, they are continuing to work collecting the rent, ensuring the properties are occupied and well maintained.

We continue to monitor the portfolio and we have no vacancies at this stage and all properties available for rent are tenanted. This, in turn, means that investors are receiving their monthly or quarterly income depending on the property they are directly invested with.

If your investment is in relation to a Loan investment, the loans are all performing, and interest is being paid either on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the terms of the agreement.

If you have a particular question or concern with your investment, please do not hesitate to contact our call centre on 1300 365 930 or Email:

If we see significant changes to our business as the crisis further unfolds, we will look to inform you.

Kind regards

Arthur Naoumidis CEO