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Class 1B Rooming Houses presented in this strategy are all new buildings designed for singles or couples looking for an affordable housing solution.

From an investment perspective Class 1B properties offer significantly reduced risk of complete vacancy owing to a spread of up to 9 studios in each property thus minimising a complete vacancy risk for the property.

Annual rent in a Class 1B Rooming House is estimated at 7 times the rent achieved from a single dwelling on the same block.

The DomaCom Fund ARSN is an investment vehicle managed by DomaCom and is an ASIC registered managed investment scheme which issues units in the sub-fund that holds the property.

The issuer of this product is Melbourne Securities Corporation Limited AFSL No. 428289. DomaCom Limited holds an Australian Financial Service License (No. 444365) and as the Manager, is responsible for all due diligence. All properties are professionally managed to ensure maximum tenancy at all times.

This Class 1B Rooming House Property Investment Strategy is presented by DomaCom Limited (ACN 604 384 885). FD Property Group are the developers and DomaCom manages a fractional investment platform enabling investors to participate without the need to purchase a whole property. DomaCom arranges leverage no higher than 60% eliminating the need for investors to satisfy income and serviceability tests that normally apply to individual loans.