DomaCom’s Adviser Update

In this edition we recap on a couple of earlier “wins” for investors, to remind advisers how DomaCom works in relation to Sole Purpose where a residential property investment is made by a SMSF, and the Downsizer legislation that allows home equity to be used to top up super

DomaCom’s advice based seniors home equity release, Australia’s first financial product of its type, is a door to a cohort of potential new clients and a valuable addition to intergenerational planning

We also highlight a selection of investment opportunities

An exciting partnership with Crescent Finance that will involve new business potential for licensed and DomaCom Accredited advisers

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The Benefits of Diversification When Investing

In investment strategy the term diversification means to spread your funds across various financial instruments. This is a common approach to manage the risk levels of capital loss to your investment portfolio and reach your investment goals.

As different asset classes and segments perform well at different times, this fractional investment model is one of the key principles to ensure you won’t lose all your money if one sector or asset class fails to perform at a certain time – If you put all your money in stocks for example, you risk losing everything if the stock market crashes. Effectively, by not “putting all your eggs in the same basket” you won’t rely upon a single investment for all of your returns. The tactic simply aims to maximise returns safely by investing in assets that would react differently to a market event.

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