June 2018

News Updates


  • 51 property deals completed
  • Property types incl. residential, commercial, renewable energy, farmland, land banking
  • 1,364 investor accounts
  • 863 investors
  • Minimum residential investment $2,500 (some projects may have higher minimums)
  • Average investment $35,000

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December 2017

Use crowdfunding to invest in Top Australian Suburbs Residential Strategy

DomaCom provides retail investors, advisers and their clients the edge when it comes to investing in the best residential property in Australia. Blending institutional grade property research with individual property buyer’s agents to select properties for investors, DomaCom put its clients directly in the driver’s seat. DomaCom offers the ability to invest in residential property in the city of your choice through our Top Australian Suburbs Strategy crowdfunding campaigns.

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July 2017

July 2017 – DomaCom is pleased to announce that we have commenced the following regional public crowdfunding campaigns that may be of interest to your clients. Akuna, Cobram VIC Akuna is developing a portfolio of resort-style residential communities in regional Victoria for the over 55’s, commencing with a ‘greenfield’ site in Cobram on the Murray River.

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December 2016


Lonsec gives DomaCom Fund the green light

DomaCom is excited to announce that Lonsec has reviewed and rated the DomaCom Fund.Lonsec

Commenting on this long-awaited approval, DomaCom CEO, Arthur Naoumidis, said, “Whilst we have several reviews and ratings from other agencies which have led 41 AFSLs to place our Fund on their approved product list, the reality is a rating from Lonsec will have a greater impact, increasing the number of dealer groups, exposing the Fund to their advisers and giving them more confidence to bring fractional property under their advice”.

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September 2016

Buy the Block

Buy the Block


Channel Nine’s long-running renovation reality series The Block launched on August 22 with the usual fanfare.  DomaCom is taking crowdfunding into reality television in a campaign aimed to help viewers own a slice of one or more of The Block apartments when they go to auction in November 2016. Continue reading “DomaCom Newsletter – Issue 12”

April 2016

PIR Research Report

We’re pleased to announce that the DomaCom Fund has received an A+ rating from Property Investment Research (PIR), Australia’s leading provider of property funds research and analysis.

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January 2016

Happy new year with an exciting year ahead

Happy new year from the team at DomaCom. We wish you every success in your business in 2016 and look forward to helping you achieve your clients’ goals and those of your business.

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DomaCom Newsletter – November 2015

managedaccounts.com.au gives DomaCom the green light

managedaccounts.com.au (ASX: MGP) is the first managed account provider to add the capability of fractionalised real property onto their platform.

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