Senior Equity Release (SER) Explained

Seniors, this news are for you: DomaCom recently released a new scheme that will be beneficial to all Australians aged 65 and older. It’s called the Senior Equity Release (SER) and is the first of its kind in the country.

What is SER?

SER is a financial product that allows seniors to sell a percentage of their properties’ equity to investors through DomaCom and get a lump sum or a regular payment plan in return. However, they will still be able to retain occupancy and the title for the properties.

Once their homes are sold, seniors will receive the residual sale price and the investors will receive their part of the proceeds at the same time. 

“The company’s Senior Equity Release is the first financial product in this space that gives financial advisors the ability to provide valuable options to asset rich and cash poor senior Australians by enabling them to sell a portion of their property,” DomaCom CEO Arthur Naoumidis said.

“There are now over 3.8 million Australians over the age of 65, many of whom will be seeking to unlock their home equity and transition towards retirement living … With the number of Australians over 65 growing each year, we believe that the launch of our SER product puts financial advisers and DomaCom in an unmatched position to service retirees with this significant long-term growth opportunity,” Naoumidis added.



How is SER beneficial to seniors?

Most Australian seniors have had the opportunity to invest in profitable properties, which are now skyrocketing in market prices. But despite owning valuable homes, and with no outstanding mortgage, retirement is not so favourable. This is largely due to the lower retirement income along with the increasing cost of living in Australia.

That’s why most of the retirees today are in difficult situations. Their poor cash flow just can’t keep up with their way of living. Here is where SER can help your seniors. DomaCom’s new financial scheme can help provide them with much-needed cash by allowing interested investors to purchase a percentage of your seniors’ high-value properties.

With SER, seniors can set an asking price for a part of their home’s equity and request either a lump-sum payment or monthly instalments depending on their needs. The Senior Equity Release will help your seniors augment their poor retirement incomes and make use of their idle assets.

Are there fees when using SER?

Yes, there are. If the seniors in your family decide to sell a share of their properties through the Senior Equity Release scheme, they are required to pay 1.4% annually. The homeowners will also have to pay ‘rent’ to the investors for the part of the properties they sold.

Aside from these, both the homeowners and the investors will share proportional maintenance of the property.

Can DomaCom’s SER be a good solution for seniors?

The Senior Equity Release will provide Australian seniors with a great option when choosing a financial product to help them get by, especially when their retirement incomes will not suffice.

If you want to know more about the DomaCom’s Senior Equity Release scheme, you can call us or send an enquiry online. Talk to us and discover this new funding source for Australian seniors.


It is an ASIC requirement that property vendors receive advice from a DomaCom Senior Equity Release Accredited Adviser. If you do not have a financial adviser to undertake accreditation, DomaCom can refer you to an accredited adviser.

April 2019

News Updates

DomaCom has had a very busy 8 months building on developments set in train months and years earlier and sits on the cusp of some exciting projects and advancements.


  • 62 property deals completed
  • $50m FUM
  • Property types include: residential, commercial, rural/farmland, land banking
  • 1,089 investor accounts
  • Minimum residential investment $2,500 (other non-residential projects may have higher minimums)
  • Average investment $43,000

Federal Court case with the ATO

In case you missed it, this was a milestone case in our efforts to enable people to use their superannuation to help address the housing affordability crisis affecting many Australians.  DomaCom will continue to work towards resolving the related trust issues raised by the Court to enable more investors to use DomaCom to achieve their housing and investment ambitions.

New research note on DomaCom

Issued by Pitt Street Research (PSR) in mid-April 2019,  the PSR document is a refreshing, succinct review of the DomaCom fractional model well worth a read.
Click here to access the research document.

Big 4 bank pilot

Following a 3-month review process, one of Australia’s Big 4 banks has launched a 6 month pilot for fractional property investment using the DomaCom platform.  If successful this pilot could lead to a commercial deployment within the bank.

Seniors Equity Release

Clearing our final regulatory hurdle, the Seniors Equity Release product is expected to launch late April after a rigorous regulatory approval process with ASIC that has taken 6 ½ years.

The DomaCom model is the first and only investment product in the equity release space and the first new product to be launched in many years. With reverse mortgages (a credit product) in decline since the GFC and now virtually non-existent and no other viable equity release models on offer, there is an enormous need for a new model of equity release and one that is based on equity rather than debt.  Click here for more details.

For financial advisers

DomaCom is deploying an accreditation program to train licensed financial advisers on this product.  Due to the nature of home equity release, it is essential for seniors to meet with an Australian Financial Services licensed and DomaCom accredited adviser to ensure the product is suitable for them.

Debt facility update

residential mortgage concept on the gearwheels, 3D renderingWhilst leverage for property sub-funds was approved 12 months ago by the DomaCom trustee the search for a debt provider has taken longer than anticipated to secure and the recent tightening of bank lending criteria further frustrated our efforts.  We have now launched a debt facility with LaTrobe Financial, a leading non-bank credit provider managing over $13b of retail and institutional investments.

LaTrobe will provide an initial $50m debt facility for any property sub-fund subject to their normal property due diligence.  With an attractive interest rate of 5.99% on a maximum LVR of 60% investors will not need to prove serviceability or show proof of income.

For SMSF trustees

In the current environment, a debt facility should be of particular interest to SMSFs given all major banks have pulled out of lending.  In the event of a Labour Party win in the Federal election, limited recourse borrowing arrangements (LRBAs) may also be banned ensuring that SMSFs cannot borrow to invest in residential property.

DomaCom debt facility with La Trobe will not hinder borrowing as it is not the SMSF borrowing but the sub-fund that holds the underlying property for the SMSF and other investors.  Income and tax benefits, however, will flow to the investors including any SMSFs.

Strategy tips

  1. Investing with family & friends – fractional investing enables you to invest with family and friends or other like-minded investors easily and in the knowledge that DomaCom’s legal structure ensures your entitlement cannot be compromised. You receive a share of the rental income and capital value of every property you invest in, in proportion to your investment.  DomaCom sub-funds have 3 exit options; at expiry (typically 5 years), using DomaCom’s unique online trading platform and lastly a voting process to wind up and sell the asset.
  2. Minimising risk in your SMSF – a property investment via a DomaCom sub-fund enables you to control your asset allocation whilst gaining from a leverage strategy without having to employ a Limited Recourse Borrowing Agreement (LRBA) or set up a Bare Trust. This is a first in property investing in an SMSF.
  3. Overweight in property in your SMSF? – you can set up a campaign retaining a percentage of the property and offer a percentage to other SMSF Trustees or investors. In this way, you can top up your Fund’s cash account without having to sell the whole property. If you have an adviser talk to them about finding other investors who may be looking for allocation to property.
  4. Diversify with socially responsible investments – in agriculture, affordable and disability housing, renewable energy and other community/commercial enterprises that interest you and offer a reasonable return. DomaCom undertakes all necessary due diligence on your behalf.

Public crowdfunding campaigns

Campaigns on DomaCom may be private or public in nature. Private campaigns are generally those selected by financial advisers who invite clients to invest.  Public campaigns are open to all retail investors.  The following relates to a selection of public campaigns.

NDIS Specialist Disability Housing Fund

Disability Housing Solutions and DomaCom invite Social Impact investors to fund the development of 100 NDIS Special Disability Accommodation (SDA) houses. These are high physical support level houses and apartments to accommodate 400 NDIS SDA tenants currently stuck in hospitals, aged care facilities or at home with aging parents.

Specialist Disability Housing Fund

The gross estimated rental return on these investment properties is 10% pa. This return is based on a combination of NDIS SDA payments, tenants disability pension and Centrelink allowances.  Click here for more information. 

Multi apartment campaign fully tenanted – target $7.5m for 20 brand new apartments

This strategy involves up to 20 apartments already under a tenancy agreement with Quest Hotel Apartments offering an estimated return of 5% p.a. gross rental income and 4% pa growth.

Next Generation Farmers Strategy – Highclere Farm

Highclere is the next property DomaCom is crowdfunding to assist the vendor and a next-generation farmer. An agreed net rental income of 4% p.a. with an estimated 6% p.a. growth is the return that investors may expect.

DomaCom will add further agricultural properties on a similar income and capital growth basis when Highclere is completed.  To join this campaign, click here.

Sapphire Wind Farm Community Co-Investment

Launched by CWP Renewables and Partners Group this is Australia’s first large scale public community investment into a utility-scale wind farm to be located in the New England region of northern NSW.

For further details visit the Sapphire Wind Farm page on our website.

BioSensX medical diagnostic investment opportunity

BioSensX Inc is a Delaware incorporated medical device company that owns the exclusive license to a novel and patent-protected salivary glucose biosensor monitoring system.

Looking to raise AUD$30m from wholesale or sophisticated investors, DomaCom will co-invest up to $5m to enable retail investors to participate as co-investors. Investment is via DomaCom accredited financial advisers. For further information email

New land banking in Sydney

Following the successful acquisition of a parcel of land at Badgery’s Creek in Sydney late last year, KSI Investments is seeking investment to acquire another parcel of land in the area with a view to future rezoning. The area is currently semi-rural and the term is 10 years to align as much as possible with the opening of Sydney’s second airport.

Sub-fund secondary sales

DomaCom operates an online liquidity facility where unit holders can offer units for sale in existing sub-funds. Here are some current opportunities:

Sub-Fund APIR code Address Description Unit Price Passing Gross Yield Gross Yield on Last Valuation Units on Offer
DMC0144AU ‘Doyles’, Lower Coleraine Road, Muntham VIC 3315 A 373 acre rural property with cattle yards, subdivided into 11 paddocks of rolling high country fronting Lower Coleraine Road in Victoria’s Western Districts $1.0738 4.49% 3.85% 2,412.8611
DMC0006AU 806/ 127 Leicester Street, Carlton VIC 3053 Modern studio apartment in the heart of Carlton adjacent to Melbourne University’s School of Law. High levels of occupancy year round. $1.0628 9.30% 9.16% 26,833.7132
DMC0114AU 1/ 388-390 Burwood Highway, Burwood VIC 3125 One bedroom apartment used as student accommodation. $1.0300 10.78% 8.97% 15,000.0000
DMC0010AU 14 Ceres Street, Wulkuraka QLD 4305 Dual income property consisting of a one bedroom unit and a 4 bedroom house. $0.8840 6.06% 6.74% 48,600.9572
DMC0119AU 604/ 127 Leicester Street, Carlton VIC 3053 Modern studio apartment in the heart of Carlton, VIC adjacent to Melbourne University’s School of Law. High levels of occupancy year round. $0.9727 9.10% 9.29% 10,580.3831
DMC0138AU Lot 40/ 33 Junction Drive, Redbank Plains QLD 4301 An attached residential house with 3 bedrooms and two bathrooms as well as garage for one car. $0.7740 4.61% 5.37% 51,412.1255
DMC0137AU 117/ 36 Queen Victoria Street, Fremantle WA 6160 A 2 bed, 2 bath loft apartment with mezzanine in the redevelopment of the old woollen mill warehouses in Fremantle. $0.7956 3.34% 3.39% 127,106.8943
DMC0148AU Lot 47/ 21 Springfield Parkway, Springfield QLD 4300 A 3 bedroom, 2 bath townhouse in Springfield, one of Australia’s fastest growing cities. $0.9204 4.83% 4.99% 119,677.7814


General Advice Warning & Disclaimer

June 2018

News Updates


  • 51 property deals completed
  • Property types incl. residential, commercial, renewable energy, farmland, land banking
  • 1,364 investor accounts
  • 863 investors
  • Minimum residential investment $2,500 (some projects may have higher minimums)
  • Average investment $35,000

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December 2017

Use crowdfunding to invest in Top Australian Suburbs Residential Strategy

DomaCom provides retail investors, advisers and their clients the edge when it comes to investing in the best residential property in Australia. Blending institutional grade property research with individual property buyer’s agents to select properties for investors, DomaCom put its clients directly in the driver’s seat. DomaCom offers the ability to invest in residential property in the city of your choice through our Top Australian Suburbs Strategy crowdfunding campaigns.
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July 2017

July 2017 – DomaCom is pleased to announce that we have commenced the following regional public crowdfunding campaigns that may be of interest to your clients. Akuna, Cobram VIC Akuna is developing a portfolio of resort-style residential communities in regional Victoria for the over 55’s, commencing with a ‘greenfield’ site in Cobram on the Murray River.
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December 2016

XMas Seasons Greetings


Seasons Greetings

It is hard to believe that 2016 is coming to an end. The DomaCom Team would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support, and wish you a wonderful festive season and a prosperous new year. Continue reading “DomaCom Newsletter – Issue 13”

September 2016

Buy the Block

Buy the Block


Channel Nine’s long-running renovation reality series The Block launched on August 22 with the usual fanfare.  DomaCom is taking crowdfunding into reality television in a campaign aimed to help viewers own a slice of one or more of The Block apartments when they go to auction in November 2016. Continue reading “DomaCom Newsletter – Issue 12”

April 2016

PIR Research Report

We’re pleased to announce that the DomaCom Fund has received an A+ rating from Property Investment Research (PIR), Australia’s leading provider of property funds research and analysis.

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