Darren: a Few years ago, DomaCom launched its fractional property investment model which was unique to the industry, the models now been developed a little bit further and with me today to discuss is DomaCom Chief Executive Arthur Naoumidis, welcome Arthur!

Arthur: Hey Darren, Good to be here

Darren: So you’ve developed some multi-property portfolios now can you tell me how does that work?

Arthur:  Yeah after feedback from advisors what they really wanted was something they’re getting equities all the time which is an immediate diversification a group of assets all in one go. So basically we’ve created the concept of a multi-portfolio bookbuild, so invested makes one bid say 100,000 and they get shares of five properties when we conclude, it so immediately they get you to know to own a bit of five specific properties.

Darren: Now those properties on assuming a source right around the country?

Arthur: yeah well as our sort of slogan says Any Property Anywhere so the properties are actually all across the East Coast, West Coast and going from ready to eventually. We’ll have ready commercial and eventually to include them you know other specialist assets.

Darren: now obviously there’s a good diversification factor in there and that helps manage risk doesn’t?

Arthur: yeah as we all know the single biggest risk mitigation technique is spread your knowledge then put all your eggs in one basket. In other words, diversify and so what this does is in one swoop in one transaction investors get a spread of assets so the chance of anyone all properties being untenanted at once is practically zero, and so this is what protects investors returns and gives them the comfort that you know their assets are you know diversified

Darren: as far as access to these portfolios you’re talking to some platform providers right now?

Arthur: yes, as you know these things take time but we’ve got our first platform managed accounts, it has put us on we’ve got the first two dealer groups looking to users and pleased to say I’ve got two other wrap platforms very close and hopefully soon the whole market will use us.

Darren: so that and they’re ready to go now?

Arthur: Yes, ready to go, we’ve got about five different now portfolios across Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane, so you’re ready to go.

Darren: okay fantastic Thanks for your time

Arthur: Thank you down